50th Celebration


We are just 11 days out from Sabino High School’s 50th Birthday Party. Some of you have been a part of the planning process, while others asked to be contacted the closer we get to the party. Here are a few updates (new for most of you), along with a few items that are still pending. Party details are further down.

We still need a few things, if you are able:

1.       Please let us know if you are attending and then share our FB event page
2.       We will ask for volunteers in a Thursday email. Just an hour from those offering to help should cover our needs. Check-in and hosting reunion rooms
3.       A few more food trucks would be great. We lost a few with the date change. Have any contacts? 2-3 hours. We’ll guarantee $50 in sales.
4.       Please bring memorabilia you have (that’s easy to carry J) with you. Pictures, t-shirts letter jackets, yearbooks, if you wish. We’d like to take your picture for posterity.
5.       We are creating a memorial area for Sabino friends that have passed. We will ask the larger group of attendees to bring information (pictures, names, dates) for our memorial boards.
6.       We’d love it if you’d share this with your Sabino networks
7.       FB advertising started last week. If you see one, share it with your FB friends!
8.       Bring your Camera to document the event. We’ll use the hashtags #Sabino50th #Sabercats50 for all social media.

We’ll look forward to seeing you next week. Watch for the Thursday email!
Sabino 50th Celebration