School Photos - Graduation
A Sabino grad delivers a speech during the ceremony
Sabino grads smile as they walk into the football stadium
Sabino grads file into the football stadium through the Sabercat mouth
A Sabino grad walks up to shake hands with the principal
A Sabino grad gets ready to give her speech on stage
School Photos - Girls Tennis
The Sabino and Tucson High tennis squads brought their A-game on March 21 at Tucson High Magnet School, igniting the court with exhilarating rallies and fierce competition in a girls tennis showdown!
A Sabino girls tennis player gets her racquet on the ball.
A THMS girls tennis player and a Sabino girls tennis player hand off tennis balls over the net.
The THMS and Sabino girls tennis squads stand facing each other on the court.
A Sabino girls tennis player aims her racquet over her shoulder to hit the ball
A Sabino girls tennis player aims her racquet low to hit the ball.
School Photos - Boys Volleyball
Sabino boys volleyball players gather by the net
Sabino players spike the volleyball over the net
A Sabino player spikes the ball over the net
The Sabino team sits on the sidelines watching their teammates play
The opposing team spikes the ball over the net to Sabino
School Photos - Opening day at our school
Student entering school on the first day, Aug 3, 2023.
Students gathering in the courtyard on opening day.
Many Sabercats arriving on campus on opening day.
Students give a thumbs up on opening day.
Staff are on site this morning to help.