The purpose of the Sabino High School Family Engagement Team is to provide support for the school, staff, and students.
Please Contact Bruce Williams at 310-5764  or Contact Bruce Williams By Email
Sabino's Family Engagement and Community Outreach
Please contact Mr. Williams at 310-5764 regarding any needs for support.
I am a great starting place and if I don't have the resources readily available here at Sabino I will utilize district and community resources to help you.
Obviously, we are finding ourselves in very difficult times with the Pandemic, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
I would be glad to try and help and look to utilize all resources that are available.  
Meeting Schedule
Family Engagement Team Meeting 1/5/2022
Family Engagement Team Meeting 2/2/2022
Family Engagement Team Meeting 3/2/2022
Family Engagement Team Meeting 4/6/2022
Family Engagement Team Meeting 5/4/2020
Family Engagement Team Members
This Year's Members Are:
Mary Morse, Principal -584-7703 - Contact Ms. Morse by Email
Terry Lantz, Assistant Principal - Contact Mr. Lantz by Email
Teresa Durazo, Assistant Principal - Contact Ms. Durazo by Email
Martin Roth,  MTSS Coordindor - Contact Mr. Roth by Email
Bruce Johnson, Community Member - Contact Mr. Johnson by Email
Carmen Nichols, Parent - Contact Ms. Nichols by Email
Bruce Williams, Family Engagement Representative - Contact Mr. Williams by Email
Tina Eubanks, Staff Member - Contact Ms. Eubanks by Email
Christi DelPercio, Staff Member - Contact Ms. DelPercio by Email
Will, Student Representative
Savannah, Student Representative

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