The purpose of the Sabino High School Family Engagement Team is to provide support for the school, staff, and students.
Please Contact Corri Cook at 520-584-7708 or Bruce Williams at 520-584-7751. You may also contact Corri Cook by Email or Bruce Williams by Email
Sabino's Family Engagement and Community Outreach
Please contact our team regarding any needs for support.
We are a great starting place and if we don't have the resources readily available here at Sabino, we will utilize district and community resources to help you.
Obviously, we are finding ourselves in very difficult times with the Pandemic, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
We would be glad to support you and utilize all resources that are available.  
Meeting Schedule
Family Engagement Team Meeting
Family Engagement Team Meeting
Family Engagement Team Meeting
Family Engagement Team Meeting
Family Engagement Team Members
Team Leaders
Corri Cook Phone # 520-584-7708
Contact Ms. Cook by E-mail

Bruce Williams Phone # 520- 584-7751
Contact Mr. Williams by E-mail

Team Members
Principal Kevin Amidan Phone # 520-584-7703
Contact Mr. Amidan by E-mail

Asst. Principal Teresa Durazo Phone 520-584-7708
Contact Ms. Durazo by E-mail

Dr. Alex Karaman Phone # 584-7743
Contact Mr. Karaman by E-mail

Photini Deshaies  Phone # 520-584-7743
Contact Ms. Deshaies by E-mail

Christi DelPercio Phone # 584-7703
Contact Ms. DelPercio by E-mail

Mary Morse- Parent
Contact Ms. Morse by E-mail

Carmen Nichols - Parent
Contact Ms. Nichols by E-mail

Kristian Kissel - Parent
Contact Mr. Kissel by E-mail

Bruce Johnson - Community Rep
Contact Mr. Johnson by E-mail

Christian - Student Rep
Jennie - Student Rep
Jackson - Student Rep
Andrew - Student Rep

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