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Booster Clubs
Baseball - Kristen Candito - Contact Ms. Candito by Email

Girls Volleyball- Bridgette Kwinn Bridgette Kwinn - Contact Ms. Kwinn by Email

Band & Orchestra Booster Club - SIMBA, President Jennifer Guy - Contact Simba by Email  - This booster club supports the events for students involved in band and orchestra.

School Clubs

Band & Orchestra - Saul Garland - Contact Mr. Garland by Email  and Danielle Applegate - Contact Ms. Applegate by Email -  This club meets to foster the topics of music.
Student Council - Sarah Smith - Contact Ms. Smith by Email -  This club supports school activities and school spirit.
Key Club - Andy Pfannenstiel - Contact Mr. Pannenstiel by Email -  This club supports and volunteers with organizations and other areas.
LGBT + Union - Andy Pfannenstiel - Contact Mr. Pfannenstiel by Email - This club supports the LGBT students and creates an inviting environment.
National Honor Society -  Chris Allen - Contact Ms. Allen by Email -The club is for students that are in the National Honor Society
Improv & Drama - Kris Kissel  - Contact Mr. Kissel by Email - This club supports the art of acting and performing Improv and plays.
Robotics Club - Brandon Wingert - Contact Mr. Wingert by Email - This club supports students with robotics.
Yearbook - Paul Komar - Contact Paul Komar by Email This club supports gathering information for the school yearbook.
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